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Legal services

Our law firm provides strategic advice on all aspects of patent law, trademark law and design law worldwide.

We systematically support you throughout your entire product development process with regular monitoring and analysis of third-party patents as well as with searches, expert opinions, the filing of patent applications and their enforcement and defense against competitors.

Our patent attorneys represent you before the respective patent offices, the Federal Patent Court as well as the Federal Supreme Court and also accompany your proceedings before the regional and higher regional courts.

As a law firm in the premium segment, we follow the highest quality standards. This is the guarantee for our exceptional track record.

Fields of technology

We have broad expertise in many technical and scientific fields. The main areas of expertise include electrical engineering with specialization in

  • control engineering and
  • communication technology,

mechanical engineering with specialization in

  • mechatronics and
  • drive systems and components

as well as process engineering with specialization in

  • bioprocess technology and
  • medical engineering.

System combining law firm and TechCenter

The law firm and the TechCenter form the two pillars of our system.

The TechCenter is composed of specially qualified, industry oriented patent engineers who provide the experienced patent attorneys of the law firm with a comprehensive technical and practical knowledge base.

Based on this, our patent attorneys can fully utilize their legal expertise. The interaction of engineers and patent attorneys can make all the difference, especially in patent litigation.

State-of-the-art software tools are used in almost every step of our work, so that the acquisition and processing of all relevant data is always carried out at the highest technical level.

Dispute management

Every dispute begins with the consideration of whether to pursue a judicial or extrajudicial and whether to pursue an aggressive or defensive strategy. In this process, we advise you on company-strategic, procedural and financial aspects. Often, the synchronization with parallel validity proceedings such as opposition or nullity proceedings must also be taken into account.

The successful implementation of a legal dispute ultimately stands or falls with the formation of a powerful team consisting of our patent attorneys and external attorneys-at-law.

Patent infringement proceedings

Success in legal infringement proceedings means efficient teamwork with a complete knowledge base.

Therefore, we provide our TechCenter of specially qualified patent engineers to the participating team of attorneys. They systematically determine the technical relationships, taking into account the general technical knowledge, research the prior art and prepare all information in an easily understandable and court-presentable form.

The effective interaction of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law with the patent engineers from the TechCenter is unique and has proven to be particularly effective in practice.


On the liability side of a dispute, the question of the necessity of design-arounds always arises.

The very conception of a theoretically possible design-around can be a strategically effective measure to steal the attacker's thunder and to strengthen one's own negotiating position.

Our team of patent attorneys and patent engineers at the TechCenter has many years of experience, especially in the conception and legal evaluation of design-arounds.

Development support

We support you right from the start in your development decisions with regard to the patent situation. In doing so, we identify risks of infringement at an early stage and identify well-known and freely usable solutions in order to avoid unnecessary iterations.

We use the knowledge gained in this process to strategically build and manage your patent portfolio. The industry oriented working concept of the TechCenter results in an optimal interface to your business processes.

Patent application procedure

In the application procedures for technical inventions, complex technical issues are brought to the point through our systematic working methods:

Every invention is prepared by the TechCenter in its complete technical depth. This applies to the technical environment of the invention as well as to all invention-relevant technical details.

The law firm will transform this detailed technical information into a robust patent structure.

The implementation is tailored to your competitive environment and takes into account the case-relevant, supreme court jurisdiction.

Validity proceedings

The parallel interaction of legal and technical competences is fully exploited in the adversarial validity proceedings as opposition and nullity proceedings:

The law firm can concentrate fully on the legal issues, while at the same time, the TechCenter prepares the technical facts.

This system enables us to pursue both legally and technically demanding proceedings in an efficient and resource-saving manner.

Jan Gottschald
Dr.-Ing., Dipl.-Ing.

Jan Gottschald, born in 1970, studied electrical engineering at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and received his doctorate in 2001 at the WZL of the RWTH Aachen University with honors in the field of robotics.

He began his training as a patent attorney in 2001 in a notable patent law firm in Essen, Germany. He completed his training as a German Patent Attorney in 2004 and as a European Patent Attorney in 2005. He then joined the patent law firm in Essen and became a partner.

In 2008, he founded the Gottschald patent law firm, on the basis of which the GOTTSCHALD Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB was registered in 2017. His fields of activity are in various areas of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Jérôme Krüger

Jérôme Krüger, born 1971, studied mechanical engineering with specialization in energy technology and renewable energies at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. Following his university diploma in 1997, he completed an additional course in Business Law at the University of California in Berkeley, USA.

After completing his training as German Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney at the same patent law firm in Essen, in which Dr. Jan Gottschald also completed his training, he was a partner in a large patent law firm in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 2003 to 2016.

Jérôme Krüger attends to his clients as a partner of the GOTTSCHALD Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB since its foundation in 2017 and is active in the fields of mechanical engineering and mechatronics.

Frederik Alfken

Frederik Alfken, born 1983, studied mechanical engineering with specialization in manufacturing technology at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. He graduated in 2011 at the WZL of the RWTH Aachen University in the field of innovation management.

He began his training as a patent attorney in 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany. He completed his training in 2014 and is now admitted as German Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney.

After completing his training, Frederik Alfken joined the Gottschald patent law firm in 2015. In addition to classical mechanical engineering, his fields of activity include manufacturing technology and automotive engineering.

Nils Hollmann
Dr. rer. nat., Dipl.-Phys.

Nils Hollmann, born 1980, studied physics at the TU Darmstadt, Germany, and the University of Cologne, Germany. Following his doctorate in Cologne in the field of solid state physics, he worked for several years as a scientific assistant for the Max Planck Society.

He began his training as a patent attorney in 2013 in a large patent law firm in Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2017 he was admitted as European Patent Attorney and in 2018 as German Patent Attorney. Since then, he has continued to work as a patent attorney in the law firm where he was trained.

Since 2019, Nils Hollmann advises clients of the GOTTSCHALD Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB in the fields of electrical engineering, in particular in the field of sensor and measurement technology, as well as mechanical engineering.

Niklas Schmidt
M.Sc. RWTH Engineering Sciences
B.Sc. Economics

Niklas Schmidt, born in 1992, studied electrical engineering at the RWTH Aachen University, majoring in biomedical engineering. In addition to his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, he studied, initially parallel to secondary school, a Bachelor of Science in Economics at the University of Hagen. He successfully completed both majors in 2017.

Since 2019 he has been a patent attorney trainee at the GOTTSCHALD Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB.
He will be admitted as a German Patent Attorney and as a European Patent Attorney in 2022.

His fields of activity are electrical engineering, control engineering and the interface to mechanics.

Falco Braun
Dipl.-Ind.-Des., Dipl.-Pat.-Ing.

Falco Braun, born in 1966, studied industrial design at BUGHS University Wuppertal, Germany. He graduated with honors in 1993 with the title of Industrial Designer.

Through several years of experience as head of the development department of a medium-sized company and later as head of the product management and sales department of an international automotive supplier, he has extensive knowledge of the processes and contents in the entire product development process, as well as the business management experience associated with product marketing and placement. In 2010 he completed his studies in patent engineering.

With his industrial experience, he has been supporting the TechCenter since 2010 in developing industry-specific solutions. Since 2011, he is leading the activities of the TechCenter.

Hermann-Josef Frings
Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Dipl.-Pat.-Ing.

Hermann-Josef Frings, born in 1966, studied mechanical engineering at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany, in the field of mechanical engineering design and completed his studies in 1994 with the title Graduate Engineer (FH).

He began his professional career as a designer and developer in an industrial sewing technology company. He later became head of development for medical sewing applications. In the course of his time as a developer he was involved in the development of numerous patent relevant technical solutions.

In 2016, Hermann-Josef Frings completed his studies in patent engineering. Since then, he has been supporting the TechCenter with his many years of development experience to attend to our clients' developments.


Bernd Wessendorf
Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Dipl.-Pat.-Ing.

Bernd Wessendorf, born in 1969, studied mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and completed his studies in 2005 at the University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, with the title Graduate Engineer (FH). In 2009 he completed his studies in patent engineering.

Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in patent, trademark and design searches. Bernd Wessendorf specializes in patent searches in Japanese classification.

Since 2008, he has been supporting the TechCenter with patent, trademark and competitor searches, which are individually tailored to the technical and economical aspects of our clients.


Fabian Döling
Dipl.-Ing. , Dipl.-Pat.-Ing.

Fabian Döling, born in 1972, studied mechanical engineering at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, majoring in process engineering. As part of an exchange program, he completed one year of his studies at Texas A&M University in College Station, USA.

He began his career as a development engineer for fuel cell systems in the automotive industry. Later, he moved to mechanical and plant engineering for the paper and textile industries, where he held management positions in technology, project planning and project management. Due to his many years of professional experience in various functions and industries, he has extensive experience in product and project development as well as in the handling of processes of internationally operating companies.

Since 2018, he has been supporting the TechCenter in the development of industry-oriented solutions. 2019 he successfully completed his advanced academic studies of patent engineering.


Angela Gottschald
B.A. BWL, Wirtschaftsprüferin (USA)

Angela Gottschald, born in 1970, studied business administration and financial accounting at Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota, USA. In 1992 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Finance Diploma) and was subsequently awarded the certificate of Certified Public Accountant (USA).

Since 1992, Angela Gottschald has worked for international companies in the areas of project management, project lead, compliance, process monitoring and business consulting. She carried out project work in more than 30 countries.

Her experience is aimed at structuring development processes and supporting our clients' strategy and compliance processes.


Yvonne Neuhaus

Yvonne Neuhaus, born in 1972, studied economics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn, Germany, and graduated with a degree in economics in 1998.

After completing her studies, she gained extensive experience in the audit department of a Big-Four auditing firm and in the accounting department of a listed company.

With her many years of experience, she has been supporting both the law firm and the TechCenter since 2015 in all commercial matters, particularly with regard to project management and financial controlling.







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Regulation on discipline for professional representatives (Vorschriften in Disziplinarangelegenheiten von zugelassenen Vertretern, ABl. EPA 1978, 91, ABl. EPA 2008, 14; supplement to ABl. EPA 1/2013)

Code of Conduct of the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (Richtlinien des Instituts der beim Europäischen Patentamt zugelassenen Vertreter für die Berufsausübung, ABl. EPA 2003, 523; supplement to ABl. EPA 1/2013)

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